Additional Resources:

Speech to Text (3:45) Technology that converts spoken language to text.

Text to Speech (4:33) Technology that reads the text on a screen out loud and can provide both audio and visual options.

Executive Functions (6:44) Teaching the use of schedules, timers, and checklists to support independence.

Aided Language Stimulation (ALgS) (6:03) The use of modeling to help students with complex communication needs to become more independent in their communication.

Note Taking (6:55) Taking notes can be done on a computer, smart device, or using pen and paper, this process helps extend our long-term memory.

Core Vocabulary (7:09) Teaching students with complex communication needs by using words that are high-frequency words in everyday language.

Accessible Educational Materials (AEM) (11:14) Students that are visually impaired, physically impaired, or cannot read for a length of time may benefit from AEM and or AT.