Additional Resources:

November 1, Day 1: Assessment Foundations for Teachers & Leaders - What is the purpose of assessment? How do you ensure the assessment design matches the intended use of the assessment information?

November 15, Day 2: Formative Assessment Processes, Part 1 - What are essential features of high-quality formative assessment processes? How do you clarify, share, and help students understand the learning intentions and success criteria? How do you use quick pre-assessments to elicit evidence of student strengths and learning needs before instruction?

November 29, Day 3: Formative Assessment Processes, Part 2 - How do you elicit evidence of student strengths and learning needs during or after instruction? How do you use evidence of student learning to adjust instruction and better meet students’ needs?

December 6, Day 4: Formative Assessment Processes, Part 3 - How do you provide feedback that moves student learning forward? How do you involve students and their peers as active agents in the learning process?

January 10, Day 5: Summative Classroom Assessment, Part 1 - What are essential features of high-quality summative classroom assessments? How do you create, select, or adapt a unit test? How do you grade and report on student progress towards grade-level expectations?

January 24, Day 6: Summative Classroom Assessment, Part 2 - Why use performance assessments? How do you create a performance assessment?

February 7, Day 7: Summative Classroom Assessment, Part 3 - How do you evaluate the quality of performance assessments using review criteria and cognitive labs? How do you create a rubric for use with a performance assessment? How do you score and calibrate scores for performance assessments?

February 28, Day 8: Standardized Assessments - How are standardized tests designed and why does it matter? How can a classroom teacher interpret and use standardized test results to make better educational decisions? What should educators consider when selecting commercial interim assessments?

March 14, Day 9: Balanced Assessment Systems - What are balanced assessment systems and what features define them? What are classroom assessment systems? How do you know if you have a high-quality classroom assessment system?